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How to Shop for LS Spark-Plug Wires

How to Shop for LS Spark-Plug Wires

Jan 12th 2023

The Chevy small-block evolution has had an immersible impact on the performance industry. The GM gen 3 small block was the first showing of the LS engine introduced in 1998. The new small block addressed many of its predecessor's drawbacks but presented its own pitfalls, such as a sensitive EFI ignition system. Hence, high-quality spark plug wires are needed to reduce noise and eliminate potential tuning issues. But which set is right for you? Luckily, it's a primarily straightforward answer.

Do I Need High-Performance Spark Plug Wires?

OEM spark plug wires typically have 10,000-12,000 ohms of resistance per foot. Scott Performance Wire makes the market's highest-quality, American-made spark plug wires. Their wires feature around 30 ohms per foot, a spiral core, and quality high-temperature silicone insulation.

Do Spark Plug Wires Add Horsepower?

The wires alone won't add double-digit horsepower to your vehicle but will allow your engine's performance to work efficiently. They provide the spark plugs with precise, reliable spark, reduce ignition noise, and energy loss, and provide a secure connection. Eliminate problems before they occur and ensure your LS engine runs the best it can.

Which LS Spark Plug Wires Do I need?

Where Is The Ignition Coil Located?

First, are your coils mounted in a factory location, on top of the valve cover, with a factory routing between the primary tubes of the manifolds or headers?

  • If not, such as turbo-headers, remote-mounted coils, or you require special routing, then see our CT525 over-header wire set or visit our custom-order form here.
  • If yes, it's simple, is it a car or truck engine?

You must determine your length if you retain the OEM-style coil mounting and routing.

Are All Spark Plug Wires The Same Length? LS Car Vs. LS Truck

LS Car wires sets have a length of 8.5 inches tip-to-tip length, while the LS Truck Wire sets are 10 inches tip-to-tip.

Tip to Tip: Total length (approximate)

  • LS-Std: 8.5 in
  • LS-Truck: 10 in

How To Route Spark Plug Wires On An LS Engine

OEM Routing

The OEM-style routing through the primary tubes on your manifolds or headers is very common, but many need extra room for heat or unique routing for turbo or racing applications.

Over Valve Cover Routing

The Scott Performance Wire CT525 wire routes the wires from the valve-cover mounted coils around the front of the engine and under the headers. This can be paired with our heat shield for added protection. This kit is found on many LS-based circle track race cars.

This is a standard set Scott Performance Wire offers for circle-track racing. It provides the necessary space for the plug wires to stay cool and perform.

What Size Spark Plug Wires Should I Use?

The wire sizing refers to the overall diameter of the wire and mostly based around the thickness of the insulation. Scott Performance Wire has found that 10mm silicone-insulated wires provide the best all-around performance for reducing ignition noise and voltage leaks.

Also, don't let the forums fool you. The length of the wire does not affect performance when dealing in vehicles, so route based on your application, and don't worry about keeping the wires short for performance's sake.

The Best LS Performance Spark Plug Wires On The Market

Part of the appeal of the LS engine is its potential to make monster power. LS engines feature a stout-bottom end right from the factory, proving to hold 1,000-plus horsepower. For those customers, Scott Performance Wire has the Black Widow wire set that features a proprietary 8.5mm suppression core wire that delivers high inductance and meager resistance of only 5 ohms maximizing ignition coil output. The low resistance and precise construction also minimize common noise issues.