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Chevy Gen-V LT1 Wire Set - Car/Truck

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Pick up power and accuracy, and eliminate tuning issues and voltage leaks with the Scott Performance spark plug wires for your Gen-V LT engine. The Spark Plug wire kits for LT engines are American made with our unique 30 Gold spiral-core internal wire and 10mm high-temperature silicone insulation. 

The high-temp silicone and fiberglass blend sleeves are resistant to high temperatures, abrasions, and tears to provide OEM quality with added performance inside. These wires feature a 45-degree coil boot and a 45-degree plug boot. This ensures a tight, secure fit without getting in the way. The kits also provide robust construction and reliability. 

Scott Performance Wire's preparatory 30 Gold suppression core wires are a unique internal spiraling with only 30 ohms of resistance, producing a more robust and accurate spark. To put that in perspective, standard OEM wires typically have 10,000 to 12,000 ohms per foot of resistance. 

With over 45 years of experience, Scott Performance Wires has supplied wires to winners in NASCAR and NHRA teams. We pride ourselves on making the best wire for you, with everything being made right here at our facility in North Carolina. 

Fits Chevy LT Car and Truck Engines  

  • Available in Multiple Colors

  • Excellent Noise Suppression Characteristics

  • 45-degree LT Coil and Spark Plug boots

  • High-Temp Silicone/Fiberglass Sleeving 

  • All sets are engineered, hand-built, and hand-tested in the USA! We offer unparalleled quality and customer service. 

Wire Diameter

  • 10mm Overall Dia.

  • 30 Ohms Per Foot High Inductance Wire

Vehicle Fitment

Unlike LS vehicles, the same LT wire set fits both vehicles and trucks with OEM-style coil mounting (on the valve cover). These wires measure 9.5 inches tip to tip.