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Spark Plug Wire Technology

30+ years of motorsports and high performance technology - Top Fuel and NASCAR Cup Series tested - Performance and quality standards unsurpassed in the industry

At Scott Performance Wire our engineering team has been innovating wire technology for over 30 years.  With a strong background in motorsports and high performance OEM engine manufacturing, our team works every day to provide our customers with the highest performing ignition wire products in the industry.  Each of our wire sets is hand made and individually tested before leaving our manufacturing facility.  Each wire must pass an impedance test, a sample wire/terminal is pull tested (before set is produced) and each terminal crimp is measured and recorded.  Our wire products are made specifically for each of our applications and can be custom configured for any of your spark plug wire needs.  Our wire sets include:

  1. Snap-Lock Plug Grip
  2. 15, 30, 45 and 300 ohm wire varieties
  3. 9mm and 10mm jacket protects against high heat and resists tears
  4. Ferrite-magnetic impregnated center core
  5. Helically wound alloy conductor
  6. High-temp/dielectric silicone cap/coil/plug boots
  7. Stainless steel terminals
  8. High-temp fiberglas or fiberglass/silicone sleeve available 
  9. High-temp shrink sleeves/tape
  10. All cylinders numbered
  11. Available in multiple colors